January 24, 2019 Meeting Minutes

General Board Meeting

Thursday, January 24, 2019, 7:00 PM


1. Welcome // Bienvenidos 

a. Review of Minutes // Repaso de Notas

Motion made by M. Betancour; motion seconded by L. Santelises; all in favor; passes.

b. President’s Remarks // Informe del Presidente

Governor wants to work with RILPAC regarding licenses for undocumented. 

Assisting governor with possible developing a task force to combat fraud among non-”notarios publicos.”

Working with legislature on providing literacy competency to newcomers in public schools based on Central Falls’ program model. 

i. Secretary position// posición de secretario

All in favor; none opposed. 

c. Treasurer’s Report // Informe del Tesorero
Nothing to report.


2. Orders of Business // Ordenes del Dia 

a. Committee Updates// Alertas de Comite

Committees generally do not have an update as we just finished the holidays. They will be meeting again this month. 

1. Platform// Plataforma

Reviewed prior platform agenda. Getting feedback and prioritizing to present to membership at next meeting. 

Implement legislative tracking procedure and watching bills.

 2. Endorsement// Endorso

3. Fundraising// Recaudo de Fondos

4. Governance// Gobernancia 

b. RILPAC Reference Book// Libro de Referencia

Membership encouraged to submit resumes by Wednesday 1.29.


3. Closing //  Conclusión

a. Board Member Announcements // Anuncios de la Junta

No new announcements.

Joseph motions to close; marcela seconds; all in favor; motion carries.

Joseph Molina-Flynn