Latino Leaders Roundtable with Governor Raimondo



Providence, RI – On Thursday, December 14, 2017, Governor Gina Raimondo held a roundtable with leaders in the Rhode Island Latino community, among them, Joseph Molina Flynn, Esq., President of the Rhode Island Latino Political Action Committee (“RILPAC”) and Marcela Betancur, Vice-President.

From Joseph Molina Flynn, President, “today’s roundtable was a fantastic opportunity to start the conversation about the issues impacting the Latino community in Rhode Island as we set our eyes toward the 2018 election cycle. In a time where Latinos face oppression on a daily basis from the leader of the free world, these conversations are essential to the political influence of the Latino community going forward.”

Governor Raimondo utilized her time to express her concerns regarding the viability of future funding for English Language Learner programs across the state. She also spoke about her office’s initiatives to provide funding for small businesses through the Small Business Assistance program. Half of the $4M funding from this program has benefitted woman and minority-owned businesses. Marcela Betancur, Vice-President, echoed Molina Flynn’s earlier sentiments, and called for sustained action. “We look forward to continuing a conversation with Governor Raimondo’s office to address these and other concerns facing our community on a daily basis.”

RILPAC is a multipartisan political action committee whose goals are to endorse candidates who support issues benefiting Latinos and other individuals from urban communities, while raising awareness on issues and/or candidates that could adversely impact the Latino community; and ensuring that elected officials, political leaders and candidates have a broad understanding of the concerns and priorities among Rhode Island Latinos.

RILPAC Board of Directors 2018-2020:
Joseph Molina Flynn, Esq., President
Marcela Betancur, Vice-President
Wesley Rodas, Treasurer
Andrea James Gómez, Secretary
Sol Taubin, Member at Large
Luanne Santelises, Esq., Member at Large
Diana Perdomo, Member at Large
Karen Alzate, Press Secretary
Patricia Socarras, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors

Joseph Molina-Flynn